Labour Cooperation

The Baltic Sea Labour Forum (BSLF) is a network established in 2012 as a social dialogue platform that connects trade unions and employer organisations of the CBSS Member States.

Yearly BSLF roundtable talks take place in which relevant region-wide experts and Labour Ministry representatives participate in the BSLF activities on a voluntary basis.

Globalisation and demographic change are strongly affecting labour markets. Uneven migration flows result in brain drain, technological advancements are transforming the labour market faster than it can adapt and ageing society and lower fertility rates lead to a region-wide shrinking of work force. These developments transcend national borders and make labour and migration policy interdependence even more pronounced.

We work together with labour market stakeholders, experts and academia and through social dialogue, analysis and policy guidelines we seek to ensure sustainable and inclusive labour markets, where vulnerable groups get support and opportunities for brain circulation and skills development are in place.

Find more information on the Baltic Sea Labour Forum and its activities here.

Facts & Figures:

  • The Sustainable Working Life project unites 30 professionals in the area of sustainable employment from 7 countries in the Baltic Sea Region