Costal Heritage

About us

The activities of the Coastal Heritage Working Group verify how the coastal traditions and heritage link the people around the Baltic Sea. The Working Group values and revitalizes maritime heritage in all of its diversity by exhibitions and joint projects.

Working group members

Chair: Espen Frøysland, Norway, [email protected]

Urmas Dresen, Estonia[email protected]
Erik Tirkkonen, Finland[email protected]
Thea Jovold,
Jerzy Litwin, Poland[email protected]
Robert Domzal, Poland[email protected]
Fredrik Blomqvist, Sweden[email protected]
Jonas Karlsson, Åland[email protected]

Main outcomes

  • Film The Baltic – A sea of connections, compilation of m/s Gamle Oksoy’s Voyage around the Baltic Region 2016 
  • Film From faring to tankers, Norway 2016 Architecture of equality, Norway 2016 
  • Lighthouses of Rozewie, Poland 2016 
  • Jurmala invites, Latvia 2016 
  • The Soviet border guards at Saaremaa, Estonia 2016 
  • Finland – Land of treacherous rocks and historic beacons, Finland 2016 
  • Steamers of Stockholm today, Sweden 2016 
  • Poster Exhibition Herring a shared heritage 2013 
  • Leaflet Baltic Ships Contemporary Challenge 2010 
  • Poster Exhibition Historic Ships 2007 
  • Poster Exhibition A Future for Our Past 2007 
  • Poster Exhibition The Baltic Harbours Gateways to the Future 2005 
  • Poster Exhibition Baltic Lighthouses 2003