Baltic Excellence Programme 2023 in Hamburg

The CBSS Civil Protection Network is gathering experts from around the Baltic Sea Region at the 11th Baltic Excellence Programme in Hamburg hosted by Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service.

The CBSS Member States will participate in the Baltic Excellence Programme (BEP) in Hamburg on 1-2 March 2023 to discuss societal security across the disciplines including youth participation, submerged munitions, energy and early warning systems. The BEP is organised by the Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service under the auspices of the German CBSS Presidency in the CBSS Civil Protection Network (CPN). 

Since 2012, with a combination of theory and practice, the BEP (originally –  Baltic Leadership Programme) seeks to create a network of civil security actors in the Baltic Sea Region and equip them with the tools and information needed to manage cross-border collaboration and in an intercultural context.

Please note that the Baltic Excellence Programme is a closed event.