Project Support Facility

The CBSS Project Support Facility (PSF) was created to co-finance projects around the Baltic Sea Region to foster sustainable partnerships.

PSF 2024 Call

The 2024 CBSS Project Support Facility call for proposals focuses on strengthening resilience, safety, collaboration, and trust in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Specifically, the call invites innovative projects that foster understanding, cooperation, and mutual trust building for more resilient societies. Submitted project proposals should relate to one of the CBSS’ three long-term priorities, including specific thematic areas. 

About the PSF

The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) established the Project Support Facility (PSF) in 2012 to provide co-financing for projects across the Baltic Sea Region, with the aim of promoting sustainable partnerships in line with the CBSS’s three long-term priority areas. The first PSF Call was launched in 2013.

The PSF invites all eligible actors in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to apply for grants to implement small-scale projects. These projects can be community-based or profession/expert-based, and aim to foster sustainable development in the BSR.

  • Projects shall emphasise the development of sustainable processes and networks aimed to bring added value for the BSR and to at least one of the CBSS long-term priority areas as well as to bring added value to and visibility for macro-regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. 
  • Projects must involve partners from at least three CBSS Member States including a lead partner;
  • The maximum amount of co-financing granted is 65 000 euros;
  • The project proposals may be initiated by individuals, groups, organisations, institutions, associations and companies in the CBSS Member States, as well as members of CBSS Expert Groups and CBSS Networks;
  • The granted projects should have the potential to become a basis for a network, partnership or cooperation model that would become viable beyond the duration of the project life itself.

Applicant documents

Facts & Figures

The Project Support Facility 3 year budget is 1 million euros. Over the years, it went to supporting 60 different projects from around the region.


Katerina Popova, CBSS Project Support Facility Coordinator,
Phone: +46 73 801 55 20, Email: [email protected]

* On 3 March 2022, the members of the CBSS decided to suspend Russia from further participation in the Council’s activities (Ministerial Declaration). On 17 May 2022, Russia withdrew from the CBSS, thus it is no longer eligible as the project partner for the PSF funding.