Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue

The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue brings together young Europeans, who are interested in the history of Baltic Sea cooperation, to know each other’s cultures and explore their shared identity.

About BSYD

Every year, the CBSS gathers young, bright and inventive people from the Baltic Sea Region together to discuss the issues relevant to our region and what the Baltic Sea Region means to them. It all ends with some brilliant ideas, lots of food for thought and inevitably, friendships.


The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue was carried out the first two years as a joint programme of the CBSS and Körber Foundation Germany. Together, they gathered young Europeans from their respective networks, who were interested in the history of the Baltic Sea Region. Organising programmes in border areas of the region, the young participants get to know each other’s cultures, in order to reflect, discuss and explore their shared identity.

In 2016, the Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue was realised in partnership with the European Solidarity Centre (Gdańsk, Poland) and the “Solidarity Academy”, exploring new types of cooperation and formats of the Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue project.

The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue is important for building a discussion on Baltic Sea regional identity among this generation. The Körber Foundation’s history network for young Europeans EUSTORY has for years created such space for encounters and facilitated dialogue on shared history and future of Europe in regular international gatherings for young people.

The event has taken place since 2014 in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland and Russia. It was a flagship within the EUSBSR Horizontal Action Neighbours until 2017.


The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue is organised by the CBSS and sponsored by the German Foreign Office.


Franziska Seufert, CBSS Project Coordinator, [email protected] Mayr, CBSS Project Coordinator for Regional Identity, [email protected]