Higher Education

The CBSS works with building Regional Identity through Higher Education, by fostering cooperation of Higher Education Institutions and, utilizing research results, facts and methods of regional policy-making to studentsin the CBSS Member States.

Stockholm City Library, Sweden

The CBSS Summer Universities take place annually and aim at strengthening academic networks and student exchange in the region. The CBSS is the link between various Higher Education Institutions in the region that cooperate on the most relevant topics for the region. 

The citizens of the Baltic Sea Region are among the highest educated in the world. The CBSS believes that education is our best answer to many of the challenges that the region and the world in general is currently facing and invests in educating and empowering future region-builders across different themes and disciplines.

The Baltic Sea Region is leading in the field of education, yet enhanced cooperation leads to a better knowledge transfer and helps understanding each other.

The CBSS encourages and aids mobility and exchange of students in the region. We strengthen and build sustainable networks in higher education and support Baltic Sea Region University Networks and the development of common curricula. 

Facts & Figures

  • Since 2014, the CBSS has provided support and visibility to 15 summer universities organised by higher education institutions in the Baltic Sea Region