In line with the CBSS's three long-term priorities, the CBSS strengthens intergovernmental cooperation by leading various projects and initiatives as well as supporting thematic networks in the Baltic Sea Region.

The CBSS works with universities and higher education institutions in the region on several informal education programmes. By bringing together young people and future region builders, it focuses on increasing the involvement of young people in Baltic Sea Region politics.

To improve the well-being of our communities, the CBSS builds also well-developed networks and trust to jointly respond to unexpected hazards and emergencies. It initiates a sequence of projects focused on the protection of our societies, national resilience and children’s rights, which helped a number of countries to create their national security strategies.

Through cooperation with international stakeholders, experts and academia, as well as social dialogue, analysis and policy guidelines, the CBSS seeks to ensure sustainable labour markets, a competitive green economy as well as boost research, science and innovation excellence.