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The European Forum against Human Trafficking For Forced Labour And Labour Exploitation

The Council of the Baltic Sea States and the National Coordination against Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings at the Swedish Gender Equality Agency ask you to save the date for the European Forum against Human Trafficking for Forced Labour and Labour Exploitation, taking place on 7-8 December 2023 in Stockholm.

Ministerial Session 2023

Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other high-level representatives from the Baltic Sea Region met in Wismar, Germany in 1-2 June 2023 at the 20th Ministerial Session of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

20th CBSS Ministerial Session 2023 Concludes in Wismar, Germany with Strong Focus on Renewable Energy, Resilience and Youth Participation

The 20th Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Ministerial Session, held in Wismar, Germany, concluded on 2 June 2023, with key outcomes demonstrating solidarity against Russia's ongoing aggression in Ukraine, commitment to climate neutrality and renewable energy, and an emphasis on youth participation and societal resilience in the Baltic Sea Region.

CBSS at the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 in Riga

On 4–5 October 2023, Riga will host the 14th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) under the theme "Safe and Sustainable Baltic Sea Region for Future Generations".

Official launch of the Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum

During the Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum (BSRYF) Kick-off and Election Meeting on April 19, the newly established Committee of Youth Representatives (CYR) and Steering Group (SG) were elected. The BSRYF is a structure to enhance meaningful youth participation and will be fully operational by July 1, 2023.

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