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Ministerial Sessions

The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) usually holds Ministerial Sessions once per year. They are attended by the Foreign Ministers of the CBSS Member States and a High-Level Representative of the European Union.

SusMarTour Online Seminar

SusMarTour Online Seminar on recommendations for the crisis situations in BSR Tourism Sector will take place on 31 May 2022.

CBSS Summer University 2022 in Gdańsk, Poland

A call for applications to participate in the CBSS Summer University on “Strategic Narratives of Balticness” is now open. Students of all ranks who are interested in how identity in the Baltic Sea Region can be comprehended are welcome to apply.

BSR Links

Baltic Sea Region Links is a new CBSS website feature that allows users to access information on cooperation within the BSR. Information can be filtered…

School for Young Scientists on Digital Growth

The CBSS B-SEA (Baltic Science Educational Academy) presents a 3 day school for young scientists focusing on Digital Growth. This 3 day school is supported in the framework of the CBSS Project Support Facility co-funded project "BSR Mobilities for Young Researchers".

Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum 2022

Decision-makers of today meet region builders of tomorrow. Bridging the generational divide to ensure a peaceful and sustainable future for the Baltic Sea Region.

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