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Kick-Starting Cooperation: Razom Project Aims to Cultivate Resilience in the Baltic Sea Region and Ukraine

In a bid to foster resilience and cooperation across borders, the launch of the Razom project - "Razom: Planting the seeds for cultivating resilience and cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region and Ukraine," marks a significant milestone in transnational collaboration and underscores the importance of knowledge exchange in civil protection between the Baltic Sea Region and Ukraine.

The challenges of communicating crises in digitalised and diverse societies 

We can expect vulnerable groups to remain in crisis mode longer than those privileged individuals who have the resources to recover and move on. Education and empowerment are strategies that generally work well to help all citizens cope with a crisis: Awareness of, knowledge about, and learning appropriate coping skills support constructive management of and adaptation to circumstances that are perceived as unstable, changeable, and threatening. However, there is no “one size fits all” solution in crisis communication. To build resilience, each social group should be addressed differently according to its needs.

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