Science Cooperation

The CBSS Science, Research and Innovation Agenda was launched in 2016 by the CBSS Member States’ Science Ministers as a platform to maintain scientific excellence, support academic mobility and boost the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region.

­The Baltic Sea Region houses a promising research and innovation potential. However, there exists a participation and innovation gap.

To bridge this gap, we regularly gather academics, researchers and policymakers to help pool together their resources to support researcher mobility, connect smaller research institutions with bigger ones to allow them to scale their projects and discuss and propose transnational policy measures to for long lasting effects boosting the region’s scientific excellence.

Facts & Figures:

  • CBSS Young Scientists Awarded has so far recognised the achievements of 4 young scientists.
  • Baltic Science Network (BSN) connects more than 30 organisations, including National ministries, universities and research centres.
  • We have published more than 30 reports, working papers and policy guidelines available on the Baltic Science Network website.
  • 14 conferences, seminars and meetings were organised to  connect relevant stakeholders and increase outreach.

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