Young people in our region are active citizens in various ways. The CBSS connects these young movements and politically active young people and thereby ensures continuity and a greater impact of their ideas on regional policy-making.

The CBSS believes in dialogue and open debate among young people and together with other generations, increasing mutual understanding by discussing our common history, heritage, identity and common future.

Pressing political and societal issues such as education, international cooperation, climate change, rising populism and digitalization call for young peoples’ engagement in Baltic Sea policy making on all levels.

It is crucial to foster political involvement of young people and youth advocacy, and the CBSS serves as an amplifier for the Baltic Sea Region youth. The CBSS is therefore making sure that real and active youth participation is secured in the Baltic Sea Region cooperation formats through different youth activities and projects, from which the outcomes are continuously brought to the attention of the high-level decision-makers of the Region.

Facts & Figures

  • The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue was first organised in 2014, and since then more than 150 young people from the Baltic Sea Region and beyond have taken part in workshops, discussing identity, culture and history.
  • The Baltic Sea Youth Platform was an idea that sprung out of the Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue in 2018 and was further developed at the Baltic Sea Youth Camp in 2019. It is breaking ground through being a coordinated and youth led effort to increase the involvement of young people in Baltic Sea Region politics.