Regional Identity

Within our long-term priority Regional Identity, we focus on culture, higher-education and youth. Through continued exploration of Baltic Sea Region history, heritage, culture and identity we can build a deeper understanding for each other and a more resilient region.

When we transfer this knowledge to the next generation of region builders, we make sure that not only the Baltic Sea Region cooperation of today, but also that of tomorrow, is made of solid building blocks.

The water connects us, but culture unites us. Through highlighting our shared culture, we can strengthen the Baltic Sea Region identity, and in the long-term aide and bolster cooperation.

The CBSS works with universities and higher education institutions in the region on a number of informal education programmes that focus on building skills and knowledge for the future.

Through bringing together young people and future region builders we also make sure that young people are included in the policy making processes, and that nothing about them happens without them.

Explore our Regional Identity topics: culture, higher education and youth.

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