Civil Security

We bring fire fighters, rescue services, border and coastal guards, police and volunteers from different countries and all levels around the same table for a dialogue.

Photo: CBSS Secretariat

We do that through the CBSS Civil Protection Network and by co-coordinating the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Policy Area Secure.

The CBSS Civil Protection Network brings together the Directors General from the Baltic Sea States to exchange latest developments and challenges and agree on the most important issues which should be tackled together. The Baltic Sea Region is becoming more connected but that does not mean that all countries share the same understanding of threats and how to deal with them. The Civil Protection Network provides a unique platform for Director Generals in the Baltic Sea Region to work together – it is the only place where experts from EU countries meet their peers from Iceland and Norway.

Through co-coordinating EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region’s Policy Area Secure, we also ensure that all the professionals in charge of civil security from the Baltic Sea Region countries meet, exchange information and agree on important details like these in advance.

Facts & Figures

  • More than 100 current and future leaders in civil protection have completed the Baltic Leadership Programme in Civil Protection.
  • Initiated a sequence of projects, focused on the national resilience, which helped a number of countries to create their national risk assessment strategies.
  • Closely collaborate with the Baltic Sea Task Force on Organized Crime (BSTF-OC) comprising 11 personal representatives of the Heads of Governments of the Baltic Sea States.
  • Works together with Baltic Sea States Networks of Prosecutors General and Prosecutors on Environmental Crime.