The promotion of cultural understanding and a common sense of belonging to the region are important aspects for cooperation. To gain better knowledge of each other’s backgrounds and beliefs is the foundation for building bridges between people.

The CBSS’ work on culture is guided by the Ministers of Culture of CBSS Member States, who give political guidance and take decisions on strategic policy issues and initiatives. In between the Conferences, cooperation is coordinated by Senior Officials from Member State Ministries who meet in the country holding the CBSS Presidency.

The Baltic Sea Region is a diverse region consisting of 11 different countries. Cultural diversity combined with strong common roots and common cultural heritage are the backbone of cultural cooperation in the region and serve as a key tool for developing a Regional Identity. 

The CBSS bolsters intergovernmental cultural cooperation by developing even stronger ties to other cultural networks in the Baltic Sea Region. We enhance visibility, inclusion and ownership when we make culture the common denominator for activities within the CBSS framework, turning our creative ideas into productive action. The CBSS work in the field of culture includes cooperation in cultural heritage, contemporary culture and support to Culture and Creative Industries.

Facts & Figures

  • Since 1993 nine Ministerial Conferences have been held.
  • The CBSS supports the Baltic Region Heritage Committee, a committee composed of representatives of state authorities in charge of national heritage management in the CBSS Member States. 
  • The CBSS maintains close links with the cultural network ARS Baltica. ARS Baltica was created by the CBSS Ministers of Culture and it combines cultural policy development and close collaboration with cultural operators.
  • The CBSS also contributes to intergovernmental cultural cooperation in the Region through its work with the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) Policy Area Culture and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC). 

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