On 29 September 2017 the PROMISE project facilitated a webinar which highlighted advocacy tools for promoting the Barnahus model and introduced the objectives of PROMISE II which will be launched in November 2017 and focus on national level technical support.

This webinar was the first one of its kind, developed and realised by the CBSS Secretariat. It targeted especially professionals working to establish multi-disciplinary and inter-agency (MD/IA) services for child victims of violence and based on the material published at the European Conference on 14 June 2017.

Go here to re-watch the webinar.

The five publications form not only the outcome of the two-year project but also the basis for the European Barnahus Movement. Providing high-quality standards, practical and advocacy guidance, and assessment tools, the PROMISE project wants to bring forward the child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency Barnahus Model throughout Europe:

  • The European Barnahus Quality Standards 

These standards represent the first attempt in Europe to define the principles of the interventions and services referred to as the Barnahus Model. The key purpose of the standards is to provide a common operational and organisational framework that promotes practices which prevents re-traumatisation, while securing valid testimonies for court, and complies with children’s rights to protection, assistance and child-friendly justice.

  • Enabling Child-Sensitive Justice – The Success Story of the Barnahus Model and its Expansion in Europe

This report provides an overview of how the Barnahus Model has emerged and gradually expanded in Europe. It documents how government officials, practitioners, advocates and entrepreneurs have promoted the model, unyielding even when confronted with doubts, obstacles and adversities.

  • PROMISE Compendium of Law and Guidance

This Compendium provides a comprehensive view of the legal framework and authoritative guidance concerning the rights of child victims and witnesses across the EU, Council of Europe and United Nations (UN).

  • PROMISE Tracking Tool

This tool is to track progress against the European Barnahus Quality Standards, which provide a good practice framework for multidisciplinary and interagency services that want to bring their practice in line with the Barnahus model. The aim of the tracking tool is to provide services for child victims and witnesses of violence with a self-evaluation tool that can help determine their position in the process of becoming a multidisciplinary and interagency service consistent with the Barnahus model.

  • Promoting Progress on Barnahus in Europe 

This Guidance aims to help you develop national and regional advocacy strategies to promote progress on Barnahus.  Once policymakers, professionals and the public have heard and understood how Barnahus can fulfil the rights of these children, support for the Barnahus model has consistently grown.

You can access and download all publication on the PROMISE website.