PROMISE Project Series

Supporting child victims of violence and neglection is at the heart of the PROMISE project

Pub. Jun 1, 2015 Published June 1, 2015

The two-year project PROMISE promoted child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services, supporting child victims of violence by providing them with access to justice, avoiding re-victimization and ensuring high professional standards for recovery. The project refers to the Barnahus model and similar models such as the Children’s Advocacy Centers, embracing cooperation between social services, police, prosecutors, judges, paediatrics and child/adolescent psychiatry in one place.

As an outcom five publications have been developed to take PROMISE to the next level and start the European Barnahus Movement. The publications focus on European Barnahus Quality Standards, enabling Child-Sensitive Justice, PROMISE Compendium of Law and Guidance, the PROMISE Tracking Tool & Promoting Progress on Barnahus in Europe.

The full PROMISE Publication Series can be found here.