Youth Vision Statement Beyond 2030

Despite the impact of the current pandemic, many young people in the Baltic Sea Region are looking positively to the future and want to play an active role in creating a vision beyond 2030.

Pub. May 31, 2021 Published May 31, 2021

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry and the Lithuanian National Youth Council invited all young people to share their views and ideas for the region. The ideas and visions created by young people during the CBSS Ministerial 2021: Youth Edition were condensed and refined into this Vision Statement, presented to the CBSS Ministers of Foreign Affairs at the CBSS Ministerial 2021.

The Vision is a collective effort to make the voices of young people heard and to ensure active youth participation in current policymaking in the region. It represents the views of young people pertaining to the three priority areas of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Allowing young people to express their views effects change in the region and creates a future where younger generations will contribute to a safer, greener, and more prosperous region.