Expert Group on Maritime Policy met in Stockholm

CBSS Member representatives from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, Sweden and the EU Commission were present alongside strategic partners and observers on 21 March 2018 at the CBSS Secretariat in Stockholm for the meeting of the Expert Group on Maritime Policy.

The meeting was chaired by Mattias Rust from the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and opened by Deputy Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat Maira Mora. In the morning session, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the WWF gave presentations and perspectives to the discussion on Maritime Sustainability Indicators to the participants including the Baltic Sea Commission CPMR, BONUS, BSSSC and the NDPTL.

At the meeting, the name of the Expert Group on Maritime Policy was formally decided by the group to be updated to the new name of the Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy.

The approval of a renewed mandate was moreover agreed pending a decision on the exact time span. Options on the table are, 1.5 years – currently until the end of 2019 (half-way through the Danish Presidency) or three years with a troika agreement until the end of the Lithuanian Presidency (June 2021).

The Expert Group also decided to meet formally once a year and arrange a stakeholder gathering which will bring together actors around a common topic. This gathering will endeavour to include business representatives alongside scientific and academic community where possible.

The Member States’ representatives highlighted the importance to focus on cross-sectorial and integrated approach, ensured by increased business engagement and striving to keep a balance among the economic, social and ecological aspects within the maritime economy in Baltic Sea Region.

The Secretariat, represented by Senior Adviser Daria Akhutina during this meeting,  is tasked with drafting an updated version of the mandate based on the discussion points which is to be circulated to the Expert Group by mid-April for comments. The agreed mandate by the Expert Group’ members will then be sent to the Committee of Senior Officials by the end of May.

For more pictures, please see the CBSS Flickr.