Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy focuses on land-based power generation

At the last CBSS Expert Group on Maritime Economy, the discussion focused on the outgoing Danish chairmanship and progress made in land-based power generation for ships docked in ports.

Land-based power generation dramtically reduces CO2 emissions and can be a powerful tool to transition the cruise tourism sector and, potentially, ferries and short sea shipping vessels in the Baltic Sea Region to a less polluting business model, safeguarding the global climate and our oceans from further acidification.

This transition is still in its infancy, but the first steps in the Baltic Sea Region have been taken with several land-based power generation projects already completed and more on the way. It holds a great potential to improve urban environments and can further cement the Baltic Sea Region as a model region for sustainable ocean tourism.

Foreign Ministers from the Baltic Sea States and high-level representatives from the CBSS also discussed the topic at the CBSS Ministerial meeting, where they endorsed regional initiatives in line with the 2030 Agenda to promote sustainable development, address climate change and protect the marine environment.

Find the full Expert Group’s Joint Statement here.