Webinar on Circular Economy: Producer Responsibility and Waste-to-energy

Circular economy, industrial green transitions and industrial symbiosis in the Baltic Sea Region are placed at the top of the agenda of the Norwegian Presidency in CBSS.

The idea with the series of webinars is to facilitate best practices exchange and peer learning, using the expertise available to enable the green transition for the sake of the sustainability and prosperity of the Baltic Sea Region.

The webinar will focus on producer responsibility – how to promote the reuse, repair and duration of products through smart design and possibly also for instance producer ownership of product materials.

The second part of the webinar will focus on waste to energy technologies – waste management and energy recovery, addressing the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by using carbon capture and sequestration technologies. It will provide the unique opportunity to explore the strategic approaches employed by the countries and also the businesses. The examples from the companies employing these technologies will show the practical solutions for the problems the region is facing.

The organisers of the webinar strive to promote the cross-sectoral approach when discussing the issues, and for that reason the representatives from governments, local authorities at city level, as well as private sector are invited as speakers.