Baltic Sea NGO Forum

The focus of the XVI Baltic Sea NGO Forum in Uppsala this year was on how to strengthen NGO participation in the Baltic Sea Region. The participants from civil society organisations and public authorities discussed the importance of broader and deeper inclusion of NGOs in the decision-making processes in the Baltic Sea States cooperation.

At the Forum, Head of the CBSS Baltic 2030 Unit, Krista Kampus, introduced the 2030 Agenda and the actions taken by the CBSS. Further, she highlighted the important role NGOs play in the SGD implementation and of the Baltic 2030 Action Plan, by translating the global goals in concrete local actions and strengthening the participation of marginalised groups.

The core recommendations from the workshops held during the Forum on 17-18 May 2018 included the establishment of a youth component within the Baltic Sea NGO Network in order to enhance youth participation; the creation of an anti-poverty network within the Baltic Sea Region in order to prevent the increase of poverty; and mainstreaming of gender equality in all efforts of the Network.