Baltic Sea Youth Working Groups

The Council of the Baltic Sea States coordinates the Baltic Sea Youth Working Groups on Advocacy, Culture, Security, Environmental Sustainability and a Focus Group on Child Protection to improve the political impact of young people on decision-making in the Baltic Sea Region.


The Baltic Sea Youth Working Groups were established within the framework of the Baltic Sea Youth Platform Erasmus+ project. After the end of the project period, the groups will continue to be an important part of the youth work of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The aim of the group is to support young talents (aged 16 – 29) to become region builders and give youth the opportunity to share their knowledge and discover ways to apply it in an international environment.  

The CBSS offers four Baltic Sea Youth Working Groups: Advocacy, Culture, Security and Environmental Sustainability. Additionally, a Focus Group on Child Protection is open for participation.

An open call for members is published twice a year in spring and autumn. The autumn call will open on 25 September 2023 and stay open until 15 October 2023. You can sign-up to the working groups here.


The Working Groups shall:  

  • Foster exchange and facilitate discussions between young people in the Baltic Sea Region. 
  • Facilitate intergenerational dialogue by inviting experts to give input and discuss with young people.  
  • Draft policy statements addressed to decision makers in the Baltic Sea Region.  
  • Develop new initiatives and innovative approaches to tackle challenges on the macro-regional level. 
  • Support the implementation of the Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum.  


Participants of the Working Group commit to:  

  • Act with good intentions and good faith towards their peers, experts  
  • Respect the values and support the mission of the Council of the Baltic Sea States  
  • Attend bi-weekly online meetings and communicate with their peers and experts in English.  
  • Be active between online meetings and contributing to policy papers drafted by the group.  


Activities differ according to the focus of the group. A common plan of action will be developed in collaboration between the members of the group and the CBSS Secretariat. 

Templates and administrative support can be requested by the CBSS Secretariat and shall be provided according to available resources.  

The group decides among themselves if members shall be assigned specific roles, such as spokesperson, communication officer or project developer.  


Aline Mayr, Policy Officer for Youth, Regional Identity, Email: [email protected]

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