Youth takes EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Annual Forum

The CBSS is making sure the voice of youth is represented at the Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Before the Forum

As last year, just before the EUSBSR Annual Forum, on October 17th, the CBSS will host a Baltic Sea Youth Camp through the Baltic Sea Youth Platform (BSYP). This time not by the Baltic Sea, unfortunately, but you can join from the comfort of your own homes! It’s worth meeting up (because it’s fun, but also) to prepare a youth declaration that will be presented at the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) Annual Forum. There will also be a possibility to informally meet the decision-makers of the region, get to know them and the structures for political engagement in the Baltic Sea Region.

On the 12th of October we hosted a small local EUSBSR Youth event at our Secretariat in Stockholm where our Baltic Sea Youth Platform moderated an introduction into EU macro-regional strategies, focusing on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in particular. Participants discussed a possible new EUSBSR flagship project focused on young migrants and got an extensive look into how flagship projects develop within the EUSBSR.

During the Forum

We will have a networking village room and the second part of the networking sessions (14:15-15:00) will be dedicated entirely to youth! We’ll tell you about our Baltic Sea Youth Platform and you can ask us questions about the platform and youth-oriented projects. Come for the ideas, stay for the networking!

During the Annual Forum, our own Aline Mayr will represent the BSYP and the voice of youth during the panel discussion “Working together, merging knowledge and skills! Emerging areas of joint, multidisciplinary actions” at 13:00. Don’t miss it!

And if you haven’t already registered for the Forum