CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy mandate extended to 2024

The final meeting of the CBSS Expert group on Sustainable Maritime Economy (EGSME) under the Lithuanian chairmanship took place on 9 June in an extended format.

The essential part of the meeting was dedicated to the important updates from our strategic partners: HELCOM, EU DG Mare and VASAB, sharing with their latest strategic visions that will serve as a framework for the sector in the whole Baltic Sea Region.

The CBSS EGSME Mandate is now extended to 2024

The Norwegian presidency’s priorities for the EGSME in 2021-2022 will be based on the White paper on the Norwegian maritime policy Greener and smarter – tomorrow’s maritime industry, launched in December 2020, which highlights green shipping and digitalization, and thus continues on the same line of priorities of previous presidencies. In that regard, discussions on policies as well as industrial initiatives on green shipping  and digitalization will take place.