Sustainable & Prosperous Region Policy Officer Valdur Lahtvee becomes an honorary European Climate Pact Ambassador!

Our own climate activist and expert Valdur Lahtvee holds the honorary title of the European Climate Pact Ambassador for a year.

Already a long-time sustainability and climate advocate in all levels of the Baltic Sea Region – from young people, to local, to national authorities, Valdur feels inspired to be even “more active in raising awareness on reducing everyone’s carbon footprint and building resilience to combat complex effects of climate change”

Even though Valdur says the title itself is just an accessory, he is thrilled to be a part of the ECP ambassadors’ network and intends to make the most of the opportunity to be part of a wider network of passionate people like himself “and be closer to the broad knowledge base of DG Climate of the European Commission” in order to “provide the right solutions to those in need.”