Baltic Sea Science Award 2022

In 2019, for the first time, the Baltic Sea Science Day awarded four young researchers with a special Baltic Sea Science Award for their outstanding contribution to transnational research cooperation within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) in the field of sustainable development.

Now, the CBSS is launching the 2022 edition of the Baltic Sea Science Award. The award is a demonstration of how macro-regional research cooperation in the Baltic Sea region benefits citizens and society.

This year, the Baltic Sea Science Award is part of the Project “BSR Mobilities in the Baltic Sea Region” financed by CBSS Project Support Facility (PSF). The project aims to encourage academic exchange and peer learning for young researchers working on their PhD thesis, contributing to the sustainability of the BSR.


Research projects of selected young researchers should fulfil the following criteria: the research project is

  1. part of their Doctoral studies;
  2. transnational and covers a minimum of two countries in the Baltic Sea Region. This can either be achieved by having transnational teams, or a cross-border research question;
  3. has the potential to make an impact on sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region. Priority will be given to research projects covering at least the one of the thematic areas of the CBSS PSF BSR Mobilities Project and its Schools for Young Scientists (B-SEA Baltic Science Educational Academy), notably, Sustainable energy, Eco Biotechnologies and Digital growth;
  4. contributes to the research and innovation strategy of the Baltic Sea Region;

Application Process

Universities and Research Institutions, from any country in the BSR (defined as Member States of the Council of the Baltic Sea States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden) that are partners or associates can nominate up to 2 candidates each.

Eligible candidates are PhD students affiliated with or enrolled in a university or research institution based in any CBSS Member State.

The application should be 3 pages max, including Name, Title of Research Project, contact details, and should refer to the four selection criteria above.

The application should be submitted as a PDF file via CBSS Secretariat to [email protected]. by 20 February 2022.

In case of any questions, please, contact Mr. Ugis Zanders at the CBSS Secretariat: [email protected]


Winners will be selected by 5 March 2022 and invited to present their projects at the CBSS Science Day on 16 March 2022 (preliminarily in Riga, Latvia,  in person/online – depending on the Covid situation).

The Selection Committee consists of 2 representatives of CBSS and representatives of the CBSS PSF Project partners. The selection will be made according to the four criteria defined above and the principles of equal geographical representation and gender balance will apply.


The three winners will be selected. Each of the winners will receive a Diploma and 1,000 EUR.

We look forward to seeing many excellent examples of how joint research projects make a difference to our daily lives!


Daria Akhutina
Senior Adviser for Sustainable and Prosperous Region
Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States

Igor Kuprienko
Head of Project development Division, ITMO University
Lead Partner of the CBSS PSF project
“BSR Mobilities in the Baltic Sea Region”