International Youth Tourism Forum: Quo Vadis Tourism? COVID-19 Impact on the Role of Sustainability in Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the tourism sector to shift toward sustainability. The Baltic Sea Region has a great ambition to become a model of sustainable development and young people are stakeholders and important actors here. Young people play an important role in achieving the Sustainable Tourism Development goals, they must understand what the attractiveness of the region lies in and take responsibility for developing tourism in a sustainable way. 

But what does sustainability mean? Is it the main tourism destination during and after the COVID-19 outbreak? What are the sustainable initiatives offered by international tourism organizations? How can I personally contribute to the promotion of sustainability ideas? What are the results of the Youth Networking for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Baltic Sea Region project? Do we have any proposals concerning the development of sustainable tourism for a new forward-looking ‘Vision of the Baltic Sea Region until 2030’ Vilnius Declaration?

We are inviting you to discuss these and other topics at the 2nd International Youth Forum ‘Quo Vadis Tourism? COVID-19 impact on the role of sustainability in tourism’, to be held online on 7 May 2021. The Forum is organised in the context of the STENetY project and the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States 2020–2021 and is dedicated to the Day of Europe. 

The registration is open until 4 May 2021

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