Enhancing Societal Security Graduate Employability in the Baltic Sea Region

This report provides an overview of the student-practice interfaces provided by the Baltic Sea Region's Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within the field of Societal Security.

Pub. Oct 8, 2021 Published October 8, 2021

The overview draws upon the analysis of the responses from two questionnaires circulated in Spring 2021, one targeted towards societal security students, and the other towards programme directors. Both questionnaires aimed to better understand the competence and skills required to the students and provided by the courses, and the level of internationalisation of societal security programmes in HEIs located in the Baltic Sea Region.

The questionnaire reveals a rather homogeneous picture concerning the academic and professional merits required for admission to the courses, while a higher degree of diversity with regards to the offer of courses contents, focus sectors, interdisciplinarity, internship opportunities and level of internationalisation. Finally, the report also investigates how the Covid-19 crisis has affected the activities within the societal security education and reflects on the lessons learnt for the further improvement of the student-practice interfaces within this field’s programmes.