CBSS experts convene to discuss sustainable maritime initiatives 

CBSS experts met to prepare the prolongation of the EGSME group dealing with sustainable maritime economy.

On 4 December 2023, CBSS experts dealing with issues related to the maritime sector convened online to discuss extending the mandate of their body, the Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy (EGSME), which is due for renewal later in 2024.  

The meeting also covered potential support to Ukraine and the forthcoming EGSME meeting scheduled for 22 May 2024 in Mariehamn, Åland, in conjunction with the Åland Maritime Day 2024.  

Additionally, EGSME members extended congratulations to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden for their successful application for a seat on the IMO Council, and to Lithuania for its decision to join the Clydebank Declaration, which sets the framework for establishing green shipping corridors.