Sustainable Public Procurement: CBSS Holds Event with Schleswig-Holstein

The CBSS, in collaboration with Schleswig-Holstein, is set to host a webinar on sustainable public procurement on 22 February 2024, aiming to share best practices and innovations in selecting environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

In a bid to incorporate sustainability considerations into public procurement, the Informal Baltic Sea Region Sustainable Public Procurement Network will host its second webinar on 22 February 2024.  

Sustainable public procurement involves selecting products and services that are environmentally friendly and socially beneficial, while also ensuring cost-effectiveness. 

Co-hosted by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the Procurement Department of Facility Management in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, the webinar will facilitate the exchange of best practices in promoting sustainable public procurement. 

It will also feature a workshop to discuss practical examples and a session to share results from cooperation projects. 

During the webinar, the Facility Management and Competence Centre of Schleswig-Holstein will present their approach to sustainable procurement. The OECD Public Procurement Unit will introduce new developments, bringing an international perspective to the discussion. 

By promoting sustainable public procurement practices that reduce environmental impact and encourage social well-being, this webinar directly supports the Sustainable Development Goal 12, which aims for responsible consumption and production.  

The Informal BSR Sustainable Procurement Network consists of representatives from national central procurement coordination offices and research institutions in the Baltic Sea Region.