Previous Calls

The first PSF Call took place in 2013 and since then the PSF has supported over 60 different projects from around the region. The last five PSF Calls, from 2018 to 2022, are available below.

PSF 2023 Call

The PSF 2023 called for projects that focus on the CBSS long-term priority ‘Safe and Secure Region’, more specifically on managing increasing risks for states and societies, including those resulting from climate change, and building more resilient communities. Read more

PSF 2022 Call

The PSF 2022 Called called for projects that emphasise the development of sustainable processes and networks aimed at taking forward the ideas in the Vilnius II Declaration – A Vision for the Baltic Sea Region by 2030 and relevant parts of the Baltic Sea Region Youth Vision Statement beyond 2030Read more

PSF 2021 Call

The PSF 2021 Call was dedicated to innovative solutions for strengthening resilience by promoting inclusiveness and protection of most vulnerable societal groups in the Baltic Sea Region during a period of crisis. Read more

PSF 2020 Call

The PSF 2020 called for projects that put YOUNG PEOPLE at the center of Baltic Sea Region Cooperation and empower future region builders. Read more

PSF 2019 Call

The PSF 2019 called for projects that put safety and security at the centre of Baltic Sea Cooperation and strive to strengthen the resilience of the region. Read more

PSF 2018 Call

The PSF 2018 Call was dedicated to projects that put culture at the heart of Baltic Sea Cooperation and empower the future-builders of the region. Read more