Press release: Lithuania takes over the Presidency of the CBSS: Sustainability, Security and a New Vision for the Baltic Sea Region

Today, Lithuania takes over the CBSS annual rotating Presidency from Denmark. The Danish Presidency concluded with the adoption of the Bornholm Declaration at the CBSS High-level meeting, which approved of the main principles of the CBSS reform.

“The CBSS was established with an aim of fostering integration of the Baltic Sea region. Our first step was a success. The regional cooperation among the Baltic Sea states is widely acknowledged as exemplary within the European Union. Our next step is the involvement of the youth”

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius

For the next year, the Council will be chaired by the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Linas Linkevičius. The Presidency will focus on developing green industry, including green and maritime tourism aimed at reviving regional economy, increase region’s visibility, provide employment opportunities to young people. In light of the current pandemic, the Presidency will also attempt to boost civil protection in the region and strengthen its resilience against major emergencies and disasters. It will strive, by the effort of the CBSS expert groups, to find ways to protect those most vulnerable in our societies, such as those at risk of human trafficking for labour exploitation and children at risk of violence. It will also put special attention to the involvement of the young people in building up the future of the Baltic Sea Region.

It has been 10 years since the Vilnius Declaration envisioning the state of the Baltic Sea Region by 2020 was adopted by the Heads of Government of the CBSS member states. The Presidency will therefore offer an assessment of the achievements in the region and an evaluation of the CBSS’ role in fulfilling the Declaration’s goals. Such an assessment is planned to be followed by a new Vilnius Declaration offering “A Vision of the Baltic Sea Region until 2030“.