The Climate Mainstreaming Locally in the Baltic Sea Region (CliMaLoc) project aims to support local authorities in the BSR countries in mainstreaming climate change and establishing partnerships for cooperation in this field in the future.


The project aims to support knowledge and good practice exchange among local and regional actors in the BSR to localise climate. The project will also identify current gaps and challenges for mainstreaming climate at the local level in BSR countries and will prepare a good practices handbook “Localising climate in the BSR”. 


Scientific forecasts reveal heavy impacts of climate change to the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), which will have strong repercussions on ecosystems, economies, tourism, health and many key sectors. These risks urge for coordinated mitigation and adaptation actions at all governance levels. However, there still exist several gaps between global/national climate policies and concrete instruments for implementation at local level, and BSR countries are at different stages of climate mainstreaming.  

Role of the CBSS

The project is key to ensure that climate mainstreaming and neighbours cooperation will continue be supported until the Baltic Sea Strategy Point of the EUSBSR will be fully operative. This way, the CBSS works to ensure that the capacity, knowledge and cooperation developed throughout the years with HA Climate and HA Neighbours is not lost.  

The project is also strongly in line with the objectives of the CBSS in the promotion of a sustainable and prosperous region, in line with the Baltic 2030 Action Plan and the Vilnius II declaration in supporting climate neutrality and climate resilience. The engagement of local actors in this respect is pivotal, as municipalities and regions highly impact the development of BSR’s prosperity and sustainability. 



The CBSS is project coordinator. The partnership includes the local associations of municipalities from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Union of Baltic Cities (UBC) Sustainable Cities Commission, and the Baltic Sea States Sub-Regional Cooperation (BSSSC).


The project is funded by the Swedish Institute.


Ignė Stalmokaitė, CBSS Policy Officer, Sustainable & Prosperous Region: [email protected]

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