Electrifying Potential: Shore-side Power Generation in the Baltic Sea Region

Conference and CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy

Please note that this event has been postponed. More information is available below. We will continue updating this post as more information will become available. 

The Danish Maritime Authority, the CBSS Secretariat and the Danish Ministry of Environment have been following the Covid-19 situation closely. After careful consideration and in line with the official guidelines, we have decided to postpone the Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy meeting on the 6th of May and the conference “Electrifying Potential: Shore-side Power Generation in Ports”, previously scheduled on May 7th.

The organizers are looking at dates in early autumn. However, no decision on the date will be made before we know that we are in the clear and things have settled down.

We are also considering the possibility to organize the EGSME meeting online in May and will keep you informed regarding this issue.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and support for EGSME and its Conference, and hope you will join us later this year!

About the conference

Shore-side power has the potential to effectively cut emissions by allowing ships to turn their engines off when at shore and plug into shore-side power facilities instead. While the EU requires all ports implement the technology by 2025, concerns remain over costs, return on investment and practical matters of such implementation.

The main aim of the conference is to provide port authorities and those within the sector with the know-how and practical examples of shore-side power generation to facilitate the transition to a greener shipping and cruise industry in the Baltic Sea Region. The conference will highlight the benefits of investing in port infrastructure and will examine the added value to ports and ship owners of such investment. Impacts and benefits of developing greener port infrastructures to regional branding will also be considered. The conference will address the issue of securing funding for investments in such developments and the final session will be dedicated to exploring ways to further promote sustainable blue growth in light of the European Green Deal. 

The event offers an opportunity for key maritime stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region – from both EU and non-EU countries – to network and discuss the current opportunities, challenges, solutions and best practices in the development of shore-side power generation.

The CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy will meet before the conference where all CBSS Member and Observer States of the Expert Group are invited to exchange opinions on the Danish Chairmanship priority regarding national developments in CBSS Member States.

See the preliminary agenda here.