Summer University call 2022

Whether in-person, online or in a hybrid format, the CBSS is once again ready to partner up with higher education institutions in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

Over the past years, The Council of the Baltic Sea States has implemented several Summer Universities in collaboration with partner universities in the Region. This year, with an extension of the deadline, we once again, encourage Member and Observer States* to apply for partnership in their Summer University programme.

The CBSS Secretariat will provide its logo, network support (connections to relevant Baltic Sea Region stakeholders) in addition to, academic project partners, interested in undertaking a Summer University. The relevant information on the Summer University concept will be published through the CBSS channels (the CBSS website, newsletters, social media and various academic partners, etc.).

We are aware of the complications still present due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as in-person meetings and travel restrictions. We are therefore willing to explore other formats, like digital or web-based Summer Universities. The CBSS Secretariat is also ready to offer materials, such as publications, papers and its various Member State networks. To initiate this collaboration, the potential Lead Partner of a Summer University 2022, is invited to contact the CBSS Secretariat before 4 April 2022.

The CBSS Secretariat is eager to be involved in planning the programme and giving input to the format. The Secretariat is also willing to participate in the programme and have its role in assisting with specific seminars and workshops. The responsibility for the final programme is placed unambiguously on the ‘Lead’ University.

To become an Associated Partner, the criteria is as follows:

  1. The theme of the Summer University should focus on the Baltic Sea Region and be in line with one or more of the three CBSS long-term priorities: Regional Identity, Sustainable & Prosperous Region, Safe & Secure Region. (See for more details).
  2. There should be at least two partner universities and/or lecturers from three CBSS Member States.
  3. The Summer University should be open to students from all CBSS Member States and Observer States*.
  4. The Summer University should be able to offer European Academic Credits to its students. This would simultaneously ensure that the curriculum of the Summer University fulfils internal quality control processes enabling EACs.
  5. The Summer University’s theme/curriculum should be in line with the CBSS principles of empowering regional cooperation and consensus.
  6. A budget for the Summer University 2022 should be presented to the CBSS Secretariat, outlining any remaining funding gaps, which will require fundraising support from the CBSS Secretariat. It should be stressed that the CBSS currently has no funds of its own allocated to Summer University financing. However, it has historically been successful in enabling additional funding through various sources, and the Secretariat would endeavour to enable the necessary funding for any agreed CBSS-branded Summer University.

* Due to the suspension of Russia and Belarus by 11 CBSS Member states, the Summer University of 2022 will not be partnering with Russian and Belarusian universities.

Full Statement:

For more information, please contact:

Thorvaldur Kristjansson, Head of Regional Identity and Communications, [email protected]