Workshop on local climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in the Baltic Sea Region

On 17-18 April 2023, the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) organises a project workshop with experts from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to identify existing gaps and challenges in climate change adaptation in the region and to develop the project concept for a future project aimed to improve the capacity of smaller towns and municipalities in approaching climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

The workshop will gather experts representing local municipality associations and cities, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and rescue authorities from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden, as well as pan-Baltic organisations, namely, Union of the Baltic Sea Cities Sustainable Commission and Union of the Baltic Sea Cities Safe Cities Commission.

The aim of the workshop is to take stock of existing challenges and needs related to climate adaptation and resilience building among small and medium municipalities and cities in the BSR. It further aims to strengthen the network of local and regional actors in the BSR and lay the foundation for new project planning activities. The workshop participants will contribute to a new project concept development by drawing on the results of previous CBSS projects on climate adaptation (CliMaLoc) and disaster risk reduction (CASCADE). 

The new project will aim to strengthen capacities of key stakeholders in smaller municipalities and towns, especially when it comes to understanding challenges and needs related to climate change in their local contexts, and in developing adequate measures to adapt to future climate-related risks. A key focus will be given to cross-border collaboration and learning between municipalities in the BSR.

The workshop is supported by funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in the framework of the project “Localising SDGs in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond – Connecting municipalities and macro-regions towards climate and waste reduction goals” and the Swedish Institute.

The workshop is organized in cooperation between two CBSS long-term priorities Sustainable & Prosperous Region and Safe & Secure Region.