The Baltic Sea as a sustainable boating destination: Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030

The Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 project, supported by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) as well as boating tourism networks and associations at the sub-BSR level, reached a significant milestone as its team gathered in the Åland Islands on 13-15 June 2023.

Hosted by Enterprising Archipelago, the project partner meeting convened to discuss and develop strategies for transforming the Baltic Sea into a sustainable boating destination. 

There is more than 1000 leisure boat harbours in the Baltic Sea Region with high-class infrastructure and an attractive destination profile. However, the Baltic Sea Region still lags behind international competitors in terms of visibility and tapping the economic and sustainability potentials of leisure boating. The project addresses these gaps by initiating a strategic cooperation at the BSR level for developing the Baltic Sea into a single & sustainable boating destination.

As part of the gathering, the participants embarked on a study visit to Föglö Municipality, immersing themselves in the pristine surroundings of this beautiful archipelago and Föglö Guest Harbour which served as a prime example of sustainable boating practices. 

An essential component of the meeting was the insightful presentations by Keep the Archipelago Tidy. This organization showcased its ongoing initiatives aimed at combating litter pollution and addressing negative environmental impacts resulting from recreational boating in the Baltic Sea. Their efforts underline the importance of raising awareness among boaters and implementing effective waste management systems to preserve the natural beauty of the region.

Recognizing the significance of branding and marketing in promoting sustainable boating, a workshop on sustainable leisure boating brand development was conducted during the project partner meeting. Experts and stakeholders collaborated to discuss strategies for creating a compelling brand image that highlights responsible boating practices, environmentally friendly infrastructure, and the unique attractions of the Baltic Sea.

At the meeting, the CBSS showcased its ongoing policy dialogue initiatives, including the preparations for the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum 2023, scheduled to take place in Tallinn on 11 October 2023. The CBSS’s involvement in this transformative project reinforces its dedication to fostering sustainable practices and promoting the Baltic Sea Region as a premier boating destination.

The Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 project is a collaborative endeavour, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders committed to sustainable boating in the Baltic Sea Region. Key partners include the Association of Sea Cities & Municipalities (ZMiGM – Poland), Riga Planning Region (Latvia), Enterprising Archipelago (Finland), the Union of Swedish Guest Harbours (Sweden), the Association of Leisure Boat Harbours (Denmark), the Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu (Estonia), and the CBSS. Through their collective expertise, resources, and dedication, these organisations contribute to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable leisure boating practices.

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