Sailing towards Sustainability: CBSS-backed project launches survey on sustainable boating, and CBSS is at the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

The CBSS-backed BaltSusBoating2030 project, aiming to transform the Baltic Sea into a top sustainable boating destination by 2030, has launched a stakeholder survey. The CBSS will also be hosting a workshop “Co-creating Vision for Sustainable Boating in the Baltic Sea Region” at the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum in Tallinn on 11 October 2023.

In its efforts to make the Baltic Sea both an attractive and sustainable boating destination, the Baltic Sustainable Boating 2030 project (BaltSusBoating2030) has launched a survey to gather input for a vision development of sustainable boating in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The CBSS is a partner of this project funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

“Our vision is to transform the region into a competitive and sustainable boating destination by 2030,” said Ignė Stalmokaitė, the policy officer at the CBSS overseeing the BaltSusBoating2030 project. 

Titled “Co-creating a Vision for Sustainable Boating in the Baltic Sea Region“, the survey primarily targets boating stakeholders but welcomes all interested in a thriving and healthy Baltic Sea.

The survey specifically asks for personal views and wishes on the behaviour of boaters at sea, the design of sustainable marinas, and the features of sustainable boats.

BaltSusBoating2030 aims to significantly influence the leisure boating industry in the Baltic Sea Region by enhancing its visibility, economic potential, and sustainability.

The project and the CBSS will also be present at the EUSBSR AF networking village in Riga, Latvia on 4-5 October, 2023 and at the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum (BSTF) in Tallinn, Estonia on 11 October 2023. The CBSS will moderate a panel discussion on sustainable boating, notably featuring a representative from a CBSS Youth Working Group, as well as distinguished panellists from Coalition Clean Baltic, VASAB Secretariat, Swedish Guest Harbour Association as well as East Baltic Coast sailing destination

“We need to address critical issues in the leisure boating industry, like economic competitiveness, sustainability, and visibility, to ensure the region remains a top destination,” said Stalmokaitė. 

“From a policy perspective, it is important to discuss how projects can support the implementation of important policy frameworks and visions in the BSR such as the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, the VASAB Vision 2040 and the EUSBSR Policy Areas,” she added.

Organised by the EUSBSR’s Policy Area Tourism (PA Tourism), the BSTF stands as a pivotal event in Baltic Sea tourism, uniting Baltic Sea tourism professionals, policy makers and pan-Baltic organisations.

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