Network of Prosecutors on Environmental Crimes

ENPRO is the Network of Prosecutors on Environmental Crime in the Baltic Sea Region. ENPRO works for practical cooperation and for regular and frequent professional change of information and discussions between prosecutors. It also collects information on legislation and on prosecuting environmental crime in member states. Most issues and problems that prosecutors meet concerning environmental crime are difficult but, however, similar in every country. ENPRO follows and analyses interesting cases on environmental crime in order to exchange information and experience on problems and solutions for the prosecution of environmental crimes. ENPRO works for the specialisation of public prosecutors in the field of environmental crime because this specialisation will promote the prosecution of environmental crimes and specialised public prosecutors will be able to form a national knowledge base in this field. ENPRO also cooperates with other organs like the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), the North Sea Network of Prosecutors and Investigators (NSN) and HELCOM.

Click here to download ENPRO Manual 2020