Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum 2023 in Berlin

In collaboration with the German delegation to the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) is co-organising the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum 2023 in Berlin on 25-27 August 2023.

The Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum 2023 (BSPYF) will take place in Berlin, Germany on 25–27 August 2023. The event is linked to the 32nd Annual Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC), due to be held back-to-back in the “Bundestag” in Berlin on 27–29 August 2023.

The BSPYF 2023 will be thematically linked to the presidency of the German Bundestag and the BSPC. The forum will primarily focus on strengthening democratic resilience in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Youth Forum will feature networking sessions with parliamentarians, as well as panel and roundtable discussions, providing participants with the opportunity to develop policy recommendations with the guidance of MPs. Additionally, young people will have the chance to present their recommendations at the BSPC 2023.

A total of 50 young people from BSPC member countries, relevant NGOs, and youth organisations will participate in the Youth Forum.

Registration for the BSPYF is available here. The deadline for your application is until 29 May 2023.

An online preparatory meeting is scheduled for 3 July 2023. The meeting will introduce participants to the work and functioning of the BSPC and the CBSS, and inform them about the Forum’s main topics.