German Presidency 2022-2023: Calendar of Events

July 2022

  • 4 July. CBSS Summer University in Gdansk: Project planning meeting, online
  • 4 July, Online: EUSBSR PA Secure sub-group meeting on the cooperation with volunteers and local actors
  • 7 July, Greifswald: Roundtable on a New Baltic Sea Region? Changing Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
  • 12 July, Online: EU Victim Support Platform meeting on victims of war crimes 

August 2022

  • 12-13 August, Ligatne (Latvia): Rural Cultural Planning partner meeting
  • 15-19 August, Lappeenranta: Baltic Sea Youth Camp 2022 – camp before EUSBSR AF
  • 17 August, Online: Presenting and giving reflections at a round table “Introducing the Barnahus model in Ukraine: current results and prospects” 
  • 19 August, Online: Floating EKA project introduction meeting
  • 22 August, Online: Baltic Region Heritage Committee (BRHC) partner meeting
  • 23 August, Stockholm: PROMISE TRM Project Meeting with Child Circle
  • 23 August, Online: NEED 16th Project Steering Group Meeting
  • 24 August, Greifswald: Federal institute Research on Building Urban Affairs and Spatial development, Greifswald University, VASAB Summer School “Sustainable Futures in the Baltic Sea Region”
  • 25 – 26 August, Kiel: Baltic Sea Region Future Forum
  • 29-30 August, Schwerin: Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference Working Group on Climate Change and Biodiversity meeting – discussion on youth recommendations

September 2022

  • 1 September, Stockholm: PA Secure Coordinators planning meeting 
  • 6 September, Online: ECP secretariat Ambassador Talks: Prelude to COP27
  • 6-7 September, Stockholm: EUSBSR Swedish Presidency Kick-off meeting “A new start after the revision and pandemic”
  • 7 September, Gdynia: Baltic Ports Conference
  • 11-17 September, Ronisi, Latvia: NEEDS project 3rd Intensive Study Programme “Societal Security in the Baltic Sea Region”
  • 12-14 September, Online: Barnahus Quality Standards working groups, review meetings
  • 13-14 September, Berlin: Swedish Practitioners CAPE Workshop on Human Trafficking in Berlin
  • 12-15 September, Online: Standard Review meetings
  • 12 – 16 September, Riga, Latvia: NEEDS project’s 3rd Intensive Study Programme
  • 14 September, Online: Baltic Sea Youth Camp policy recommendations meeting with BSYC participants and BSYP Advocacy Working Group
  • 14-15 September, Berlin: First CSO Meeting under the German Presidency 2022-2023
  • 15 September, Online: CBSS youth coordination with Körber foundation
  • 15-16 September, Prague: Presenting Barnahus at a arliamentary conference 
  • 16 September, Stockholm: Academic Celebration at Södertörn University
  • 16 September, Online: DG REGIO Core group meeting for the Youth Manifesto Interreg
  • 17 – 25 September, Gdansk: YoPeNet Summer School (CBSS Summer University)
  • 19 September, Online: Promise TRM Partner Meeting
  • 20 September, Online: Baltic Sea Youth Camp policy recommendations meeting with BSYC participants and BSYP Advocacy Working Group
  • 23 September, Stockholm: TF-THB Journalist student seminar on human trafficking and media with Södertörn University
  • 26 September, Gdansk:  Creative Waves: Baltic Sisterhood for Change  project – panel on female perspectives on regional identity building
  • 26 September, Online: Workshop “Children, youth and disasters. New study results on how children and young people play a role in building resilient societies in the BSR.  What obstacles do they face?”
  • 26-28 September, Denmark: The PROMISE Barnahus Network joins a study visit of Kosovo to Denmark to provide reflections from the BSR/European perspective
  • 26-27 September Brussels/Online: Presenting at the EU Forum on the rights of the child 
  • 26-27 September, Helsinki: Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions and Baltic Sea Commission (CPMR-BSC)
  • 28-29 September, Lappeenranta, Finland: 13th Annual Forum of EUSBSR 

October 2022

November 2022

  • 4-6 November, Papile, Lithuania: Rural Cultural Planning Partner meeting
  • 10-11 November, Berlin, Germany: Children at Risk Expert Group Meeting
  • 14-18 November (tbc), Hamburg: Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue 2022
  • 16 November, Strasbourg, France: Joint CoE and CBSS high-level coordination meeting on the Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse
  • 18 November, Warsaw: BALTinnoSEC project Pilot Forum.
  • 20-21 November, Tallinn: Barnahus exchange between Estonia, Ireland and Finland
  • 21-23 November, Tallinn: Barnahus Study visit and exchange/training with Armenia, Moldova, Finland, Ireland, and Georgia
  • November (tbc): Civil Protection Network meeting 

December 2022

  • 1 December, Online: European Resources Forum – Session in the framework of the German Presidency of the EGSD
  • Tbc Stockholm or Hamburg, PA Secure Steering Group meeting

Upcoming events 


Spring 2023, dates tbc, Hamburg, Germany: NEEDS project’s Multiplier Event and back-to-back Transnational Project Meeting