Baltic Sea Youth Platform

The Baltic Sea Youth Platform (BSYP) is a platform for young people, initiated by young visionairies in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Baltic Sea Youth Platform is an idea that sprung out of the Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue in 2018 and was further developed at the Baltic Sea Youth Camp in 2019. It is breaking ground through being a coordinated and youth led effort to increase the involvement of young people in Baltic Sea Region politics.

The focus of the Baltic Sea Youth Platform is:

  • to improve the political impact of youth on decision-making in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • to develop tools for better knowledge transfer, as youth involvement in policy making is subject to high fluctuation in human resources.
  • to serve as a facilitator for various innovative projects relying on the interests and capacities of youth in a broad range of policy areas.

What is the BSYP?

The BSYP functions as an umbrella coordination mechanism for several youth organisations and youth initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region horizontally across sectors in connection to the different policy areas and horizontal actions of the EUSBSR. 

The BSYP is youth-driven and initiated by the young visionaries of the region. Through the BSYP young adults will have a safe space to come up with concrete actions and project ideas to allow for an increased participation of youth in the society. The BSYP will function as a platform to reach out to decisionmakers to share these ideas. This will contribute to the development of sustainable policies for future generations and the creation of future experts with the cohesion and stability of our Baltic Sea Region at heart! 

Young people have to be encouraged to state their opinion and we want to ensure that their voices are louder than ever and heard by everyone!


The Baltic Sea Youth Platform developed through discussions in various formats in the Baltic Sea Region. The Foreign Ministers supported youth participation in their meeting in Jurmala, Latvia in June 2019, but at the already before the young people in the region were demanding actions. 

In December 2019 youth activists, youth workers and professionals in the field of youth participation met in Stockholm at the CBSS to develop a concrete concept to enhance youth participation in the Baltic Sea Region. Read more.  

The future starts now

Become a part of our platform and shape the present and the future of our Baltic Sea Region!

  • YOUNG REGIONBUILDERS: As a young regionbuilder you are invited to shape the BSYP to suit your needs and interest by joining our events and volunteering in our working groups. 
  • YOUTH ORGANISATIONS: As a (youth) organisation you can become an associated partner and build a new network, share your ideas, find new partners and be part of a sustainable youth project. 
  • DECISIONMAKERS: As a decisionmaker you can reach out to us and inspire young people in the region, while they will also inspire you.

Youth projects

Baltic Sea Youth Camp

In connection with EUSBSR Annual Forum a three-days seminar is held to educate young people on how to impact the Strategy and its implementation.

Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue

Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, we invite 20 young regionbuilders to an annual in-depth week-long workshop.

Further on youth, the CBSS has recently brought to life the Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum (BSRYF) which will officially start on 1 January 2023. 

The BSYP is coordinated by the CBSS Secretariat and its partners and funded by the Erasmus+ programme.