An Evaluation of the Development and Effectiveness of PA Secure 2013-19

How has Policy Area Secure developed since 2013 and how can it be further strengthened?

Pub. Apr 21, 2020 Published April 21, 2020

The Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat commissioned a report “An Evaluation of the Development and Effectiveness of Policy Area Secure 2013-2019” in order to assess the overall achievements throughout the entire PA Secure 2013 – 2020 period, and to work out the premise for formulating recommendations for the operation of this area in the coming years. In formulating their task for the consultant the Policy Area Coordinators placed a strong emphasis on the following overarching areas for the evaluation:

– The impact and added value of PA Secure in terms of tangible results;
– Barriers to progress and fulfilling prioritised objectives;
– Appraisal of PA Secure coordination, including performance, strengths and weaknesses;
– Member State priorities and their impact on PA Secure, in terms of agenda, availability of resources, involvement and outreach at the national level.

Consultant Mari Wøien Meijer (Nordregio) wrote and delivered the report in March 2020. The report was shared with the PA Secure Steering Group and will serve a basis for planning future Policy Area activities.

Infographic of the main findings