New mandate and strategy adopted for CBSS Children at Risk Unit

During the last CBSS Children at Risk Expert Group meeting under the Danish Presidency, the Expert Group adopted the new Children at Risk Mandate and Strategy for 2020-2025. In adopting these documents, the Expert Group agreed that it will continue to stimulate dialogue and exchange on cross-border concerns, to develop and nurture strategic partnership and to contribute to the development and implementation of projects promoting children’s rights and bolstering national child protection systems.

Our vision and strategic objectives

The vision of the Children at Risk Expert Group is a Baltic Sea region where children fully enjoy their rights as recognised in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Effective national child protection systems offer comprehensive prevention, protection and support. Each child has equal opportunities for participation and active involvement in building a prosperous, safe and secure region for all. To this end, the Expert Group focus on the following strategic areas:

  • Prevention and Early Intervention: Strengthening National Child Protection Systems
  • Protection, Support and Justice: Promoting multidisciplinary and interagency services for child victims and witnesses of violence (Barnahus)
  • Partnerships for children’s rights and child protection: Promoting law, policy and joint strategies

Working together, the expert group will support Member States in raising awareness to promote positive attitudes, norms and values to safeguard the rights of children. The expert group will promote integrated strategies, including sustainable measures that have been demonstrated to contribute to real positive change in the lives of children at risk, including:

  • Prevention, Early Intervention and rapid response at first signs of harm 
  • Tailormade Multidisciplinary Response and Support Services
  • Encouraging a positive justice, law and policy setting
  • Safe environments 
  • Parent and caregiver support 
  • Education and life skills, including investment in early childhood education.

Find the full Children at Risk Mandate & Strategy 2020-2025.