PROMISE launches phase three of activities

During May and June 2020, a series of 14 online meetings brought together more than 70 of our colleagues to inform and be informed about the activities and opportunities that a third phase of PROMISE activities brings to the expansion of Barnahus in Europe.

PROMISE 3 is an EU co-funded project which is designed to kickstart the activities planned in the 5-year strategy of the PROMISE Barnahus Network. These activities include university level training in the areas of forensic interviewing and therapy, with a view to establishing a European Competence Centre for Barnahus. PROMISE is also developing case management tools, thereby laying the groundwork for an accreditation system for Barnahus. Meaningful and safe child participation is central to the work, and will, among other things, inform a review of the Barnahus Quality Standards. We hope that by 2022 we will be able to hold the very first Barnahus Forum – a gathering of 200+ Barnahus professionals and stakeholders who will take the inspirational and energy giving effect that PROMISE has come to be known for, and supercharge it with concrete working sessions and trainings, practical demonstrations, celebrations of progress, study visits and exchanges. 

About PROMISE and the Barnahus

PROMISE is supporting Europe to adopt the Barnahus model as a standard practice for providing child victims and witnesses of violence rapid access to justice and care. We undertake this work to fulfil the PROMISE vision: a Europe where the human rights of children to protection from violence, support and to be heard are fulfilled.

A Barnahus provides multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration to ensure that child victims and witnesses of violence benefit from a child-friendly, professional and effective response in a safe environment which prevents (re)traumatisation. With the formal support from national authorities, PROMISE provides opportunities to translate national commitment into action and engage internationally in the process. In addition, regular networking and strategic communications continually activate our growing network of professionals and stakeholders who are committed to introducing and expanding Barnahus services nationally.

The Council of the Baltic Sea States is the lead partner of PROMISE 3 and the host of the PROMISE Barnahus Network.

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