Serenade of the Seas

Challenges and opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region Tourism at the third SusMarTour webinar

Representatives of organizations and institutions working with maritime issues in the Baltic Sea Region met at the SusMarTour webinar to discuss the crisis situation in the Baltic Sea Region Tourism. The webinar was part of the SusMarTour project sponsored by the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

The Crisis Situation in the Baltic Sea Region Tourism Sector, which includes the pandemic situation that started in 2020, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to drastic changes in mobility, the employment market, and the resilience of job stability. The problem is highly relevant across the Baltic Sea Region, where traveling is to a large extent based on the maritime sector.

On 4 October 2022, you could attend the third SusMarTour (Sustainable Maritime Tourism) webinar on the topic of Baltic Sea Region Tourism – Challenges Into Opportunities which was organised to summarise the current situation of tourism in the region.

The webinar gathered seven excellent speakers connected and contributed to the Baltic Sea Region Tourism who shared their ideas on how to transform current challenges that we have crossed during the crisis into real opportunities.

The seminar was opened with a welcoming speech by Olga Zuin, the Council of the Baltic Sea States Programme Coordinator for Baltic 2030 and focused on six major topics, including:

  • Ports of Stockholm and the recent cruise challenges,
  • Tourism Destination Management in the Baltic Sea Region,
  • Baltic Sea Region Tourism – Challenges Into Opportunities,
  • Features of the travel industry in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Finnish perspective on the travel industry,
  • Sustainable and resilient tourism.

The full video with the recorded webinar is available below:

The webinar was organized by Motus Foundation, together with SusMarTour project partners: Baltic Ports Organization and Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre.

Read more information about the webinar on Motus Foundation’s website.