Barnahus Forum 2022

The Council of the Baltic Sea States, which is the host of the PROMISE Barnahus Network, has the pleasure to be the co-organiser of the first Barnahus Forum on 5 December 2022 in Stockholm.

The Barnahus Forum 2022 gathers Barnahus practitioners and the community that supports their work to discuss the practices, the challenges, the learnings, and the ongoing development of this work.

 Sessions are planned to include: 

  • Q&As with the authors of the newest research from Denmark on medical evaluations, with experts from Norway on meeting children with harmful behaviours, and with managers of Barnahus. 
  • Workshops exploring victim support, online sexual abuse, and trafficking – all of which are key themes in the newest PROMISE projects. 
  • Discussions about emerging themes such as war crimes, ensuring quality interpretation, enabling cross-examination via streaming or recordings, and scaling up Barnahus nationally. 
  • Demos of technical tools. 
  • Consultations on draft updates to the Barnahus Quality Standards including child participation, forensic interviewing, therapy, interagency collaboration, and capacity building. 
  • Opportunities for course alumni to meet their instructors face to face, many for the first time! 

This year’s forum is exclusively for PROMISE Barnahus Network Members, their alumni, and select Network service providers. 

The Forum is co-funded by the third wave of EU co-funded PROMISE projects, and also by the PROMISE Barnahus Network’s membership fees. The main organiser is the Council of the Baltic Sea States, which is the host of the PROMISE Barnahus Network.

For any questions, please contact [email protected]

PROMISE is managed by the Children at Risk Unit at the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat in close collaboration with Child Circle.