Scientific excellence among youth will be recognised at the Baltic Sea Science Day and Award For Young Scientists 2022

Baltic Sea Science Day and Award For Young Scientists 2022 will be held online on 16 June 2022, 10:00-13:30 EET.

Scientific excellence among young researchers in the fields of sustainable energy, eco-biotechnologies and digital growth will be rewarded during the Baltic Sea Science Day and Award For Young Scientists 2022 that will be held online on 16 June 2022.   

In addition to awarding three young scientists for their outstanding role in promoting the Council of the Baltic Sea State’s (CBSS) Science, Research & Innovation Agenda through their research projects, the event will also feature the outcomes of the work of young researchers. 

“For the Baltic Sea region to stay competitive and be able to respond to today’s challenges, we need strong scientific research, especially in the fields of energy, biotechs and digitalisation,” said Ugis Zanders, the Adviser for Sustainable & Prosperous Region at the CBSS. “We therefore need to support young promising minds doing research on the topics that currently matter the most in Baltic Sea region.” 

Representatives from academia will also show how to enhance science, research and innovation in the Baltic Sea region. The lessons learnt and outcomes from the School for Young Scientists and the testing of the Baltic Science Network Mobility Programme for Research Internships (BARI) will also feature on the event’s agenda. 

This year, 11 applications were evaluated by an international jury who singled out three winners. Each awardee will receive a diploma and 1,000 euros to help them pursue their research.   

The Baltic Sea Science Day and Award Ceremony for Young Scientists is an annual event which was first established in 2019 and organised by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).  

Financed by the CBSS Project Support Facility (PSF), the event is a part of the BSR Mobilities in the Baltic Sea Region project that seeks to encourage academic exchange and peer learning among young researchers working on their PhD thesis. This edition is also supported by the University of Latvia

The CBSS Science, Research and Innovation Agenda was launched in 2016 by the CBSS Member States’ Science Ministers as a platform to maintain scientific excellence, support academic mobility and boost the overall competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region. 

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